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Amber Dawn

Kenneth Andrus

A terrorist bent on revenge. Nations on the brink. Can Nick Parkos stop a deadly fanatic before thousands are killed by his unrelenting wrath?

Nick Parkos is a low-level intelligence analyst when a shocking twist thrusts him to the forefront. All at once he’s the man best qualified to deal with a dire threat to the stability of the entire world.


Blood Embers

J.A Ludwig

Taken from her home. Forced to fight for sport. Will a magician’s thirst for adventure be quenched with blood?

Aya Flandeen’s rare gift has always set her apart from the rest of her village. Though she yearns to venture into the outside world, she didn’t expect her journey to start with a brutal slave-trader’s raid.


The Jaguar Queen

Betsey Kulakowski

Newlywed, pregnant, and unable to travel, Lauren Grayson sends her husband, Rowan, and their team to investigate the Maya End-of-Days for her television show, The Veritas Codex. They encounter decaying skeletons, cryptic monoliths—and a secret saboteur with his eye on ancient treasures. He’s willing to resort to anything—including murder.

Babylon Books is a division of Bernhardt Books, a family-owned publishing house founded in 1999 that showcases emerging authors and compelling fiction.

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